Concord (Morgan Territory Area) Biweekly Yard Waste Service

Place art out by 5 a.m. Leave at least 4 feet between carts and any other object.Yard Waste Recycling Guidelines

Residents can recycle lawn clippings and other yard waste with their 96-gallon yard waste cart. If you are a new resident and do not have a yard waste cart, please call a customer service representative at (925) 685-4711 or request one online.

What do Do:

  • Place yard waste - grass clippings, brush, weeds, leaves, etc. - directly into the cart.
  • Do not bag or place yard waste in any container before placing in cart.
  • Place the cart on the street in front of the curb for streetside pickup.
  • Face the cart's front out to the street.
  • Place cart out by 5:00 a.m. Leave at least 4 feet between carts and any other object.

Collection is BIWEEKLY on the same day as garbage service.
Place only plant debris in the green yard waste cart.
Be sure all materials fit inside the cart with lid closed.
For a missed pickup, please call within 24 hours to report which cart was not serviced.
Before discarding, consider composting. To find out about free home composting workshops in your area, call the County Recycling Hotline at 1-800-750-4096 or visit

OK for Recycling

Brush Cactus Flower cuttings Flowers
Garden trimmings Grass Hay House Plants
Lawn clippings Leaves Prunings Shrubbery
Straw Weeds Wood Chips Yard Waste
Tree twigs and branches 6 inches or less in diameter and 3 feet or less in length

Not Acceptable for Yard Waste Recycling

Plastic bags
Rocks and concrete
Sod and dirt
Fruits and vegetables
Tree trunks and stumps greater than 6 inches in diameter
Tree trunks and stumps greater than 3 feet in length
Palm fronds
Pet waste
Hazardous waste
Garbage and inorganic materials including recyclables like plastics, glass, metal and paper